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That name sounds familiar...

Back in the ’90s, my mom, known online as Lucy24, wrote several text-adventure games: Grey Tower, Palace of Sand, Muddy Water, and so forth. They are known colloquially as Lucy's Games. You can see and download them all on her site. However, these games were compiled for the Classic MacOS and thus won’t run natively in OS X, and won’t run at all on Intel Macs.

That’s where I come in. I’ve ported two of her games, Grey Tower and Palace of Sand, to Mac OS X. By “ported,” I simply mean that I created idential versions of the games for OS X. Specifically, I created an application using Cocoa, a Mac OS X API; copied over all of the images and sounds; and went through each game’s code (written with FutureBASIC many years ago), retyping it as Objective C and Cocoa code.

My mom originally wrote these games in 1996. I made Grey Tower X in spring and summer 2005, though it wasn’t released until the beginning of 2006. I completed and released Palace of Sand X in March 2007.

Rather than have two different websites about basically the same games, I’ll leave my mom’s site to talk about the games themselves. The latest download links can be found here, however.

Legal info

© Copyright 2005-2007 by Louise Hope and Fred Hope. Grey Tower X and Palace of Sand X are shareware. You may try them for free, but if you like them and decide to keep playing, please register. Registration for each game is $10, or free if you’ve registered the MacOS Classic version of the game. (The registration code you already have will work for the OS X version.) For more info on registration and distribution of Grey Tower X or Palace of Sand X, please refer to my mom’s site.


For technical questions, bug reports, etc., contact me at fredhope2000 (at) For registration information, gameplay/storyline questions, and so forth, contact my mom at lucy2424 (at) Be sure to include a helpful subject line, so your message isn’t accidentally disregarded as junk mail.

We’re in contact with each other, so don’t worry too much about which of us you should email.

System Requirements

I’m officially recommending Mac OS X 10.3 or higher for Lucy’s games, as I can’t really say for sure if they’ll run on previous versions of OS X, but my guess is that they’d run fine.

The games aren’t very graphics-intensive, so there aren’t really any applicable hardware requirements. The games are Universal Binaries, so they’ll run equally well on PowerPC and Intel hardware.


Grey Tower X 1.1.1 for Mac OS X (2.2 MB, .dmg) | Changelog

Palace of Sand X 1.0 for Mac OS X (3.6 MB, .dmg)

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