The 4-World Planet

What is it?

The 4-World Planet is the second game I have released for Mac OS X. The first, The Abandoned Castle, was released for Mac OS X and Windows earlier in 2005. Like Castle, The 4-World Planet is a text-adventure game. You control your character by typing in commands; for example, if you’re in a room with a door, you can type “open door” to open the door.

The storyline

You are an astronaut. You go on a solo mission to a planet that was recently discovered. But the planet’s gravity is stronger than you expected, so you are forced to perform a crash landing, damaging certain parts of your ship. You must explore the planet and find replacement parts, helping people and finding treasures along the way. You will periodically need to deal with things like getting hungry or thirsty. The game will warn you when you need to do something like eat or drink.

Credits/Legal info

© Copyright 2005-2006 by Fred Hope. This game is freeware. Feel free to distribute it (in its original, unaltered form) or tell your friends about it. Questions, comments, etc. can be sent to me at fredhope2000 (at)

Thanks to Ray Dunakin for his classic WorldBuilder games: Ray’s Maze, Another Fine Mess, and A Mess O’ Trouble. I got the idea for this game—a game about a planet with different "worlds"—partly from playing his old games.


Unlike Castle, this game is available only for Mac OS X. It was written in Objective C and Cocoa, so it runs as a standalone application.

The 4-World Planet 1.0.1 for Mac OS X (789 KB) | Changelog


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