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Fred Hope


I am a 2010 UC Santa Barbara graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in math, living in San Francisco and working as a data engineer. Previously, during my time in Santa Barbara, I ran a math tutoring business (see below) and worked part time as IT Supervisor at Silvergreens Restaurant.

I’m hoping to settle down here in SF and am looking to find new people and activities, and grow my network.


Growing up, I spent a lot of time learning how to write computer programs, and it became a hobby of mine. I primarily wrote text-adventure games for the Mac. Part of this programming work included porting over my mom’s old games to Mac OS X using Cocoa with Objective C, the same API and language I used to write my own games. My old games page has more info about my games.

In recent years I’ve been spending less time programming in C and more time scripting with R and Python. In 2014 I developed Bash and R scripts (since ported to Python) to convert and parse chat logs from Apple’s Messages.app for Mac OS X. More information about these can be found here. I also used MySQL with PHP to create a page where I can calculate and store nutritional information for my diet.


I did small amounts of private tutoring here and there in high school, but I got more involved in tutoring starting in 2010. I have done a lot of work for Grade Potential, a SoCal-based tutoring company, and in 2012 I started doing some freelance math tutoring on my own. From summer 2012 to the end of 2014, my primary focus was the growth of my tutoring business, called SB Math Tutors.

In spring 2015 I wrapped up my tutoring business and moved to the bay area to pursue a new career in data science.