The Abandoned Castle

What is it?

The Abandoned Castle is a game I started in the late 90s, but didn’t get around to finishing until now (early 2005). It’s a text-adventure game, meaning that you control your character by typing commands; for example, if you’re in a room with a door, you can type “open door” to open the door.

The storyline

You decide to explore an old, abandoned castle in the southeast part of town. It’s heard to have a treasure hidden inside it. You must navigate around and figure out how to find the treasure. You will periodically need to deal with things like getting hungry or thirsty. The game will warn you when you need to do something like eat or drink.

Contact and Legal Info, Credits

© Copyright 2005-2006 by Fred Hope. This game is freeware. Feel free to distribute it (in its original, unaltered form) or tell your friends about it. Questions, comments, etc. can be sent to me at fredhope2000 (at)

Thanks to Al Staffieri for writing the MacOS game Dracula’s Castle; perhaps it inspired me a bit to write my own game about finding treasure in an old castle. Thanks to Jacob Navia, Chris Fraser, and Dave Hanson for writing and providing the C compiler (lcc) with which the Windows version of this game was written and compiled.


The Mac OS X version of this game was written in Objective C and Cocoa, so it runs as a standalone application. The Windows version was written in rudimentary C, so it runs in a Windows console window (basically like a DOS window).

Mac OS X: The Abandoned Castle 1.0.2 for Mac OS X (507 KB) | Changelog

Windows: The Abandoned Castle 1.0 for Windows 98 or later (180 KB)


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